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Our Mission
ICIHS is an organization dedicated to the integration of health and spirituality. We provide strategic direction to define and advance this emerging field through multi-disciplinary collaboration with organizations, researchers, educators, clinicians, and patients. These alliances, along with our comprehensive research-based resources, assist our members in achieving excellence.
Featured Newsletter Topic
The Anguish of September 11th's devastation propelled many to action in aidging in disaster relief. Many also turned to their spiritual faith to provide strength and hope in dealing with stunningly destructive terrorist attacks.
"COPING WITH CRISIS - Active Coping and Spiritual Support Can Help Alleviate Distress" is the article on the front page of our most recent newsletter.
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Featured Research
Increasing Exercise Linked with Attending Religious Services

Whether celebrating the festival of lights of Hanukkah or the light of Christ at Christmas or Kwanzaa this holiday season, frequently attending religious services adds spark to improving healthy behaviors and increasing chances for living longer by as much as 33%, found a 28-year- long study published in the American Journal of Public Health.

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We changed our name from NIHR (National Institute for Healthcare Research) to ICIHS (International Center for the Integration of Health and Spirituality) on the 15th of August. Please Click Here to view some of the photographs from the event.
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