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Director of Education

Responsible to the Vice President for Academic Affairs with direct access to the president.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

o Conducting needs assessments for educational initiatives in health and spirituality directed to:
  o Researchers
  o Educators
  o Clinical care givers in
    – Chaplaincy
    – Family Therapy
    – Nursing
    – Medicine
    – Psychology
    – Public Health
    – Social Work
o Developing and designing comprehensive educational programs that addresses the needs identified above
o Designing and conducting experiential learning opportunities in varied formats that meet the continuing education needs of professionals
o Creating technologically proficient methods for distance learning materials to meet ICIHS goals in:
  o Professional Education (CME units, CEUs for other professionals)
  o Public Education (Brochures for client, patient, and the public's use)
  o Contributing materials to the Online Resource Center and other aspects of the ICIHS website
o Assisting in writing proposals to fund projects in professional and public education
o Working collaboratively with the Department of Research to ensure that all educational
materials are research-based and meet high standards both of pedagogy and science

Minimum Requisites:

o Doctorate in Education with a concentration in adult education, curriculum design, or a similar area; or Masters in Education with at least 5 years' experience in curriculum design, adult education methods, or a similar area of concentration.
o Demonstrated professional interest in the integration of health and spirituality.
o Prior experience as a collaborator and effective team player.
o Reasonable familiarity with modern communications technology.
o Substantial writing skills.
o Willingness to live in the Washington, DC area.
o Ability to travel occasionally.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit our website at www.icihs.org to capture an overview of the mission and goals of the organization. Send resume', a 500-word statement of educational philosophy as related to health and spirituality, and a brief outline of proposed ideas for this position by e-mail to: [email protected].

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