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Our Mission
ICIHS is an organization dedicated to the integration of health and spirituality. We provide strategic direction to define and advance this emerging field through multi-disciplinary collaboration with organizations, researchers, educators, clinicians, and patients. These alliances, along with our comprehensive research-based resources, assist our members in achieving excellence.
Standard of Excellence Award
ICIHS is proud to announce we have been awarded the Seal of Excellence for successfully completing the Standards for Excellence certification program sponsored by the Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations. This certification identifies ICIHS as an ethical and accountable organization dedicated to the highest level of excellence within the nonprofit sector. For more information about this distinction, click here.

Featured Research
High Spiritual Coping after 9/11 and When Illness Strikes

A national survey recently published in The New England Journal of Medicine examining stress following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks1 found that 90% turned to prayer, religion, or spirituality to help them cope with the crises. Meanwhile, researchers at the Mayo Clinic have recently underscored the health benefits of spiritual coping.

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We changed our name from NIHR (National Institute for Healthcare Research) to ICIHS (International Center for the Integration of Health and Spirituality) on the 15th of August. Please Click Here to view some of the photographs from the event.
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