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NAMEHarold G. Koenig, M.D., M.H.Sc.
AREA OF EXPERTISEPsychiatry / Internal Medicine
EDUCATION M.D. - University of California-San Francisco, 1982
RESIDENCY University of Missouri-Columbia (Family Medicine), 1982-85; Duke University Medical Center (Psychiatry), 1989-1991
Harold KoenigDr. Koenig is one of the nation's leading authorities on geriatric psychiatry including religion and aging. Active on many levels of academic leadership, Dr. Koenig holds positions as an associate professor at Duke University Medical Center, and director of the psychiatric services, Geriatric Evaluation and Treatment Clinic, Geropsychiatry Services - FAYHEC, and the Center for the Study of Religion/Spirituality and Health at Duke University.

An authority on the topic of older medical patients, Dr. Koenig has been selected to provide dozens of presentations at professional conferences and workshops, scientific meetings, and grand rounds. He is an award-winning researcher and educator who has published more than 150 scientific articles or chapters, and has authored or co-authored 11 books on religion and health.

Dr. Koenig's research has been featured in many prestigious magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times and Atlanta Constitution as well as on such news programs as "ABC World News Tonight," "CBS This Morning," and United Press International (UPI) Radio News.

Dr. Koenig's research interests include depression in the medically ill elderly, ethical issues in geriatric psychiatry (including physician-assisted suicide), religion and immune functions in the elderly, and religion, aging, and health.
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