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NAMEChristina M. Puchalski, M.D.
AREA OF EXPERTISESpirituality and medicine, chronic illness, end of life care; Spirirual assessment; Curricula development
EDUCATION M.D. - George Washington University Medical Center, 1994
RESIDENCY George Washington University Medical Center (Internal Medicine), 1994-97
Christina PuchalskiDr. Puchalski has developed numerous educational programs for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate medical education in spirituality and medicine. Her research interests and expertise include the role of spirituality in healthcare and end of life, the role of clergy in health and in end-of-life care, and evaluation of education programs in spirituality and medicine. Dr. Puchalski is co-chair of a national education conference cosponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), Associate Course Director of Harvard Medical School and the Mind/Body Medical Institute's annual Spirituality & Healing in Medicine conference, and co- convener of the spirituality task force for the Last Acts Campaign. Her work has been featured on Good Morning America, ABC World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News and in major newspaper articles across the country. She is the recipient of the AAMC and Pfizer's 1999 Award for thr Medical Humanities Initiative.

Dr. Puchalski has been published widely. Her work in the field spirituality and medicine encompasses the clinical, the academic, and the pastoral application of her research and insights.

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