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GuideStar is a project of Philanthropic Research, Inc. (PRI), a nonprofit organization.

PRI's mission is to support philanthropy in America by providing information that supports better donor decision-making, greater nonprofit operating effectiveness, and a more efficient allocation of resources to and within the nonprofit sector.

The GuideStar database contains records on more than 620,000 nonprofit organizations classified as 501(3)(c) by the IRS. Data is collected directly from each charity and from the IRS Forms 990.

To find out more about ICIHS/NIHR please visit www.GuideStar.com.

Helping.org - Helping People Make a Difference

Helping.org is an easy-to-use, one-stop online resource designed to help people find volunteer and giving opportunities in their own communities and beyond. With customizable services and comprehensive information, it has never been easier - or more secure - to donate your time, services, or financial support.

To make a donation to ICIHS/NIHR using helping.or please click here www.helping.org
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